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Kheradbonyan Language Learning Center

We started our activity under the name “Hermes” in 2013 in Shiraz, as a language institute specializing in teaching English to both children and adults. Since 2017, we have limited our activity to teaching English to children ages 3 to 10 under the name “Kheradbonyan.” We are the first specialized ESL center for children in Shiraz with unwavering adherence to the student-centered philosophy in the learning process that always inspires self-confidence and self-esteem and meets the social and emotional needs of learners. We provide effective and successful training courses to educate children to speak English like natives while fostering their resilience and self- assurance through games, enjoyable activities, and a relaxing atmosphere. We likewise teach Persian to those kids who want to improve their knowledge and proficiency in the Persian language.

We provide the following language learning services:

  • Specialized teaching of English through games to children ages 3 to 10
  • Teaching basic knowledge such as math and science
  • Teaching life and social skills
  • Physical and movement empowerment
  • Psychological counseling to parents and children to help them learn a new language
  • Specialized mother and child workshops
  • Training workshops for teachers
  • Teacher training courses
  • Painting workshops in English to encourage them to learn a new language
  • Storytelling and drama workshops
  • Unique workbooks
  • Online classes
  • Diagnosing learning and behavioral disorders in children in order to help them learn English
  • Kids’ talent search
  • Recreational and educational camps

Our accomplishments

  • The first specialized ESL center for kids in Shiraz, Iran
  • A comprehensive syllabus that is the result of years of experience of Kheradbonyan's knowledgeable educational team
  • Unique workbooks
  • Educating native-like English speaking kids with high self-confidence and resilience
  • Training successful and efficient teachers
  • Attracting students who were not interested in other educational systems and avoided participating their classes through games, fun activities and calm atmosphere
  • Supporting orphans and the poor with Kheradbonyan’s income
  • Cooperating with Health Associations in order to improve the health of society and providing practical solutions to support children's health
  • Received a silver statue and a certificate of compliance with Fars province's consumers' rights from Fars Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization in 2018 and 2019
  • Received ISO: 9001: 2015 from Surewin Quality Certification of Canada for ‘Quality Management System’ concerning teaching English through games and fun activities to kids emphasizing life skills and manners
  • Established Subsidiary's operations in Ontario (NOC: 00013) in 2022

Our Vision

We are the first and the most specialized language learning center for kids in Fars Province and we aim to widespread our unique services not only in different cities in Iran but also in other countries helping parents and kids with language learning and life skills. The first step to realize this vision was successfully taken; we established our first branch in Ontario, Canada in 2022. Our hardworking team never stops planning and working for better education of children all around the world.

The First Specialized ESL Center for Kids in Fars Province

Kheradbonyan is not only the FIRST ESL center but it is also believed to be the BEST.

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What Parents Says About Us

Parents and students’ satisfaction has always made the hearts of Kheradbonyan beat.